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If you wish to visit the kindergarten or the primary school before the start of the school year, please make an appointment with the relevant director, Mr Belligot, tel. 05 53 60 76 85.

Supporting documents to be provided:

  • Complete family record book (parents and children) or the child’s birth certificate;
  • Health book;
  • CAF or MSA beneficiary card;
  • Radiation document for children coming from another school;
  • Depending on the family situation:
    • For separated or divorced parents, judgment or provisional order of the family judge mentioning the child’s or children’s usual residence. In the event of custody rights, the restriction must be clearly expressed and justified by providing a photocopy of the judgment;
    • Certificate/affidavit of the second parent granting full authority to the education of the child or children.



All children from 3 years old (in the year 2021) from the small section to CM2

Please bring the following documents to the town hall:

  • Health book,
  • Family record book,
  • Your beneficiary card (CAF reference number) and
  • The radiation certificate for children from another school.

Contact us:

Beaussac town hall:

Public primary school group Paul Degail

8 route de Saint-Pardoux – 24340 MAREUIL EN PERIGORD

Phone : 05 53 60 98 18

Email :

Mareuil's kindergarten

17 route de Saint-Pardoux – 24340 MAREUIL EN PERIGORD

Phone : 05 53 60 76 85

Email :

College Arnault de Mareuil

The college was created in 1962 by Mr. Dumas: at the time, it only received one class level and only 3 to 4 teachers! During the 1960s a gymnasium was built for the college which grew larger and larger. In 1980 the current buildings were built. The college welcomes around 195 students each year from 6th to 3rd grade and has a team of around 19 teachers.

Phone : 05 53 60 90 50

Mail :    – Website :