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Every crisis has an end and has the potential to make us explore new avenues in many areas. We have often heard that after the Covid crisis, nothing would be the same. While many things have already changed (for example telework, which applies to many sectors since 2020), others must reconnect with the pre-Covid era, in particular tourism. The cultural heritage of Mareuil en Périgord is tremendously rich with its 22 chateaux, 13 churches, its mills and medieval mansions. This is also true when it comes to its rural heritage: dry stone shelters, quarries, cluzeaux (natural caves turned into dwellings), crosses and calvaries, ovens, caves, washing places, flumes and springs, Merovingian necropolises, dovecotes, wells and cisterns. The time has therefore come to make this wealth visible. 

To this end, you will find here hiking trails with indications of rural heritage sites that you can see without leaving footpaths. Soon, each village of Mareuil en Périgord will make its own catalogue of rural heritage (with photos, explanations and maps) available for on-site consultation. The date of publication will be announced here.