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Ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow citizens,

At the beginning of the year 2022, I wish you all happiness and success for this new
year on behalf of the municipal council and in my personal capacity,
At the very start of the year, we will be focus on the census for the whole of the new
commune. The collection of information will take place from January to February
2022. I would therefore ask you to give a warm welcome to the enumerators whose
list you will find in this issue. I should like to thank you for this in advance.
As a result of the new measures against the pandemic, we have had to cancel a
number of traditional events. We sincerely regret this, but public health must be given
The main budget and its annexes for the year 2022 will be voted upon late March/early
April. We will inform you on the result of this vote in the following municipal bulletin in
order to guarantee transparency on the use of public finances in our territory.
I would like to wish you all good health, happiness and success. However, complying
with health regulations is of paramount importance.

An English help desk is available for all your administrative procedures :